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Whether you are a university or college student, essays are a staple practice throughout your academic journey. Academic essays are short pieces of writing that outline the student’s story or perspective, which is considered synonymous with a paper, story, or article. Typically, essays are academic, and they primarily tackle serious topics in the real world.

Unfortunately, the multiple types of essays and the in-depth research that goes into each respectively means students are prone to making errors. Teachers and professors, on the other hand, are required to make their students aware of errors in their essays. But picking all these mistakes and errors concurrently can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Not forgetting that a barrage of mistakes and corrections can discourage the student, especially after spending countless hours researching and writing their essay.

Luckily, a college essay checker like ours can help. For students, this online paper grader will help improve their writing and deliver outstanding essay papers. Teachers, on the other hand, can use this research paper grader to identify mistakes in students’ work, as well as point them in the right direction.

Different Types of Essays

As earlier indicated, an essay is a brief piece of writing that represents s student’s experience or side of an argument. They are super-personalized in presentation and largely depend on what the student wants to convey to the reader. In this section, we will look at the four types of essays. And they include:

Narrative Essays

Such essays entail the student narrating a story or incident from their perspective. As such, they’re presented in the first person. The primary aim of narrative essays is to engage the reader as if they were in the middle of the narrative as it unfolds.
It is crucial to ensure that your narrative essays are as real, vivid, and concise as possible. And for this, you need to follow the ‘show, don’t tell’ narrative principle to keep your readers engaged.

Expository Essays

Expository essays try to strike a balance between two opposing sides of the study topic. To ensure you have real, tangible, and extensive knowledge about the topic, as they are strictly based on statistics, facts, and examples. As such, these types of essays have no room for the student’s feelings or emotions. Under the expository, there are other essay sub-types, including cause essays, contrast essays, and effect essays.

Persuasive Essays

As the name suggests, the primary purpose of persuasive essays is to convince the readers to abandon their stand and cross to your side of the argument. This means that persuasive essays present the writer’s facts to the reader and try to convince them. Whilst both sides of the argument are presented in persuasive essays, the ultimate aim is to convince the readers to support the writer’s argument.

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays entail the writer describing a place, an object, or an event by painting a vivid picture of the occurrence through his words. One of the best ways to write a descriptive essay is to evoke emotions by involving things such as touch, sense, touch, etc. 

Who Can Use Our Paper Grader?

Our team has created an all-rounded editing and proofreading tool to handle all writing tasks. 


Our tool is engineered to help students edit and proofread their essays, terms papers, and dissertations.


Our tool can be used by teachers and professors to grade students’ papers, ultimately saving them time.

Professional Writers

If you write for a living, our tool will come in handy when editing and proofreading your articles and marketing materials. 

Business Executives

Constantly sending emails and business proposals to your peers in the business world? Our paper grader will help eliminate those embarrassing grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in your work.

Benefits of Our Essay Grader

Whether you are a student, teacher, or professional writer, there are multiple benefits of using our online essay grader free tool. They include but are not limited to;Whether you are a student, teacher, or professional writer, there are multiple benefits of using our online essay grader free tool. They include but are not limited to:


Our school paper grader is one of the most versatile and flexible tools in the market. It is engineered to match different writing styles, ideal for students, teachers, and professional writers. It also helps identify grammar, punctuation, stylistic, and structural errors in your texts, all thanks to its advanced ML technology and statistical models under the hood. 

Easy to Use Interface

Even if you are new to using an online college essay rater, our tool is a piece of cake to work with. The interface is user-friendly, and all you need is to paste your work on the blank editor and hit the check button. And unlike most similar tools that require you to create an account and subsequently spam you with countless emails, our paper grader doesn’t require you to create a profile with us. 

High-Quality Check

The in-depth analysis and check of our essay grader free tool are aided by ML, English grammar rules, and statistical models. This ensures high-quality results but the mistakes are also highlighted for easy correction. In terms of plagiarism, all the copied or quoted parts, and the exact website or online source are shown. 

Learning Opportunities

After working on an essay for several hours, it becomes challenging to notice grammar mistakes or even generate fresh ideas. Worse still, if you are a non-English native speaker, stitching your ideas together in a foreign language can be super-hard. Luckily, our essay grader for teachers offers the most appropriate suggestion for the mistakes in your work, ultimately improving your writing.

Essay Report

Students, teachers, and professional writers will appreciate the fact that our free essay grader comes with a bonus tool that helps generate grammar, punctuation, readability, sentence structure, and vocabulary report. And by knowing all these metrics in advance, you can amend the necessary areas before handing in your essay, elevating your chances of getting better grades.

24/7 Availability

Online Paper Grader is cloud-based, making it readily available from anywhere. Better yet, it is compatible with multiple devices, so you can always edit your work even when on the move. 

Privacy and Confidentiality

In 2006, Clive Humby, who is a British mathematician coined the phrase “Data is the new oil.” Since then, big tech companies have been scooping incalculable data, refining it, and using it to launch new products or even sell it to third particles. Fortunately, our tool does not require you to create an account, and your essays aren’t saved on our servers. This means that not a single shred of your information can be shared with third parties or sold for commercial purposes.

Saves Time

The first and probably most prominent benefit of using our free online essay grader is its time-saving aspect. Self-editing your essays can be frustrating and time-consuming. And as a student or teacher, you may not have all the time to scroll through multiple essays picking even the most minute errors. Using our online essay grader can save time and instead spend that time preparing for your final exams or even reducing your backlog if you are a teacher. 

Features of Our Essay Checker and Corrector

Essay Grammar Checker

“How to grade my essay,” “rate my essay,” “grade my paper,” “grade my draft,” and “rate my essay online are the most searched phrases on Google. And if you are here, chances are you Googled the same.

Luckily for you, our college essay grader incorporates the most advanced and accurate grammar checking technology today. Our system is cloud-based and developed through intense research, collaboration with students and teachers, and ML and statistical models, making it one of the best tools.

Spelling Checker

Come and calm; leave and live; sea and see;— these phrases may appear phonetically identical but worlds apart in meaning and spelling. By ignoring such words and incorrectly using them in your texts, you’ll essentially have created meaningless sentences.

You risk confusing your readers or even getting lower grades in your essays as a student. For a job applicant, mixing up words is akin to earning bonus points for your fellow job applicants. Teachers, on the other hand, risk giving unmerited scores.

With the help of our free essay checker, you can catch all the spelling mistakes in your texts and make your writing shine.

Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism is taken seriously by schools and educational institutions around the world. The primary reason why essay writing is incorporated within the curriculum is to teach students how to research, cross-check facts, clearly express ideas, and prepare them for work-related challenges in the future.

The negative outcomes of plagiarism come in different permutations, including low grades, assignment rejection, public shaming, prosecution under copyright laws, and even expulsion from school. Worse still, all your future academic work will be treated with contempt and suspicion.Along with checking grammar tools, our essay plagiarism checker free tool will crawl through your work, compare it with millions of publications and academic databases, and flag intentional or accidental plagiarism.

Writing and Feedback Instruction

Along with flagging grammar, punctuation, and plagiarism, our automated essay error checker features several modules that analyze texts and compares them with those of other students within the same academic level.

Some of these modules in our tool include:

– Automated scoring
– Vocabulary usage and builder
– Words to avoid
– Passive voice detection
– Sentence variability and length
– Readability statistics

Writing and Feedback Instruction

Punctuation is critical in writing as it can make or break your essay paper. When you get your punctuation wrong, you’ll end up with clunky, confusing, and bulky sentences. Most importantly, a simple incorrectly placed comma can completely alter the entire meaning of your text.

Our online paper grader for students helps catch punctuation mistakes and all the other nuanced grammatical errors in your text, ensuring it is clear, concise, consistent, and error-free.

Use our essay grader to improve your essays’ grammar, punctuation, and word usage!Use our essay grader to improve your essays’ grammar, punctuation, and word usage!